Pool & spa

In order not to increase the price of the rooms or the aparthotel, and to offer a personalized service, we have decided to make it a “privatized” access, by reservation, with participation for users only. An hourly rate is applied with a 50% reduction for children under 10 years old.

In general 2 people to 4 -5 for a family. For groups of friends, the space can accommodate 8 to 10 people at the same time at most. They are distributed in the spa and sauna and / or on the relaxation seats. 7-seater spa and 4-seater sauna.

Our establishment has 1 spa and 2 outdoor summer pools: 1 pool 4.5 x 9 m for adults and teenagers + 1 octagonal pool for children (0.80 m deep). Swimming pools  : The beaches are normally a place of tranquility within the hotel and any heckling is monitored to be immediately minimized. Swimming is possible from 10:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the end of the day. The swimming pools are no longer accessible in the evening because the space is closed and fenced (mandatory safety standards).

We recommend that our customers always go through the “shower” phase before accessing the pools. Cotton underpants and / or Bermuda shorts are prohibited. This for questions of hygiene and water quality.

Remember to bring your own bath towel. Those of the room not having this destination. If this is the case, it will be advisable to take it back to your room after your swim.

The hotel has a good fifteen sunbathing facilities, for a maximum capacity in high summer of about 30-35 people at the hour of the most frequent visitors.

It will no longer be allowed to “block” them for hours by reserving them with your towel. But only a few moments the time to swim, to attend to an occupation near the bar (or other), or to be absent in your room. We owe it to ourselves to be a little more strict following small behavioral issues lately. In particular, we ask that you no longer make phone calls from this space with your mobile phone, nor broadcast disturbing music there for everyone’s peace of mind.

The water areas are reserved exclusively for residents of panoramic Village. Our sunbathing and beaches are not unlimited in number and size. We cannot  derogate from the Regulations  which impose a ”  lifeguard  ” if the space was not exclusively dedicated to our customers.

The legislation on swimming pools and spas would then consider us as a public swimming pool and would impose  permanent surveillance by authorized and qualified personnel  ( which is not within the financial possibilities of a seasonal independent establishment like ours ).

You can consult the page :  http://www.economie.gouv.fr/dgccrf/Publications/Vie-pratique/Fiches- pratices/Swimming pool  As a result, for Panoramic Village customers, these spaces remain a privileged place, where you are sure to be able to relax and swim without being overwhelmed! And in very high season, we keep an eye on “  any  obvious heckling ”, to contain it or stop it as quickly as possible.

Yes, permanently during their period of use from early June to September 15. At an altitude of 1,500 m, the pools are isolated and covered at night by a specific cover.

As soon as they open at 10:30 am, the temperature is guaranteed to be around 23-24 C ° and rises a little, during the hottest sunny days.

Located at altitude, experience has shown that in the event of an outdoor summer temperature below 17 ° C during the day (or bad weather), it was necessary to keep the pools closed during the day. Otherwise, this would cause the water to cool despite the heating (loss greater than the heating). Reopening at a good temperature is thus guaranteed if this precaution is taken.

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Current info

Winter : 2022 / 2023

Panoramic Village will remain closed this winter
Open again in Spring, from march 24 th
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SOON : Booking engine will be on for spring & summer

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