Live, you are guaranteed the best price! In fact, we directly administer all online reservation systems and decide on prices on all channels, availability and therefore our visibility depending on the period.

We can therefore affirm here that by booking directly, you will benefit from the best booking conditions visible on the net.

In addition, live we are able to present exclusive offers! It is also possible to reach someone, on site, who knows each accommodation perfectly, as well as being able to discuss any particularity before your decision.

These sites are practical, efficient and complementary, because they are often viewed. They allow Internet users to discover an establishment like ours, thanks to their high-performance visibility policy.

The average rating of the opinions on these sites also allows you to confirm your future choice.

We are therefore working with these sites, in collaboration as constructive as it may be, but with the necessary restraint and a price difference, so as not to impact our pricing policy upwards, as soon as they become predominant or unavoidable. .
Only an establishment with undeniable assets, such as Panoramic Village, can hold this position. It benefits from loyal customers and a strong attractiveness, therefore from an induced commercial dynamic.

Very simply: in a few clicks, with a display as practical as that of well-known and very popular merchant sites. Each accommodation has several photos and a very precise description. The booking conditions are also displayed for each type and on the dates entered by you. By booking direct you benefit from a favor in the form of the best guaranteed rate. A deposit is required and payment is made only online by credit card. It is 100% secure by an HTTPS connection and a “3Dsecure” transaction with BNP-PARIBAS which sends a carrier control SMS (your bank card details are not disclosed).

Our site mentions it either clearly with a banner, or you should type in your dates to see if the coming season is scheduled.

In general, the prices are fixed and put online in the 6 months preceding the start of the next season:  September-October for winter and December-January for the summer to follow.
As a result, you can anticipate or wait for an earlier date, or even at the last minute. In the latter case everything will depend on the remaining availability.

Not under this name, but on our official website by clicking on “Offers”, it is possible that a stay with packaged content appears online. Otherwise, we offer a more attractive price on “non-refundable” booked accommodation. Our rates are also designed with a degressivity for hotel stays of + 5 nights and “week packages” in apart’hotel.

Having a large number of regular customers, our basic pricing policy is designed to be attractive and very reasonable.

Yes if, as a regular, you noticed another chalet there that seemed to suit you better or if you want the same accommodation each time. However, you should book well in advance. For our future and new customers:  Please note that each model has a similar distribution and that its orientation and panoramic view are identical. So you can be sure not to be disadvantaged by staying in a chalet or another with the same model of room or apartment. PS:  We know small nuances and know how to manage the filling accordingly, depending on the season and attendance.


Anyone with mobility difficulties must notify us beforehand. Some chalets require you to use stairs, others don’t!

In this case if you have booked directly, you must contact us by email or phone.

If you have made an online reservation on Booking, Expedia or other, you will have to reuse this channel by connecting to your reservation with your access codes and reservation number.

Note, however, that in high season and in compliance with our general conditions of sale, certain requests cannot be taken into account. Ditto for a reduction in the length of the booked stay. Depending on the date it is taken into account, it will not always be possible to reduce the price initially agreed.

Not systematically, because our reception policy filters so that there are only a few at the same time and provided that their size and breed are accepted. Only dogs are likely to be welcomed by cats for problems related to allergies.
They are prohibited on other online sites and on prior direct request: contact us by email or by tel.

A daily supplement of € 7.50 / day is requested and a weekly rate of € 50 for long stays (prorated beyond 7 days, if less than 14 days)

They are mentioned below and in all cases detailed in the online description of each accommodation. Likewise for the services offered, continue already in this section or go to other pages of this site – Thank you

A reservation formally commits us to assigning you accommodation. In return, the consumer code authorizes the payment of a deposit constituting the beneficiary’s commitment. This commitment is then governed by our conditions of sale and cancellation which can be consulted on our site under the “Book” module.

At Panoramic Village we practice this reciprocity of commitment and the payment of a deposit so that a reservation is firm and final. The amount of the deposit is indicated in our booking module. 

A reservation is final once the deposit has been paid and the reservation has been confirmed.

An e-mail, fax (or mail failing that) from us is therefore essential. If you have not received a written record of your reservation, contact us as soon as possible!
A reservation by telephone not followed by a confirmation, in respect of the conditions and modalities of the establishment, will not be acquired. In this case, we reserve the right not to keep the assigned room.

The reciprocal commitment of a reservation is based on the sharing of the risk and the ability to be able to return, it being specified that it is almost impossible (particularly in high season), to find on the same dates, a reservation which corresponds exactly the type of room that would be canceled.
These conditions apply to any reservation made on our site, online or by telephone and which is then confirmed by email (or failing that, according to another agreed method).

CANCELLATION CONDITIONS : These terms and conditions apply only to individual bookings, not to groups having booked more than 4 simultaneous accommodations.

Conditions of sale :
A deposit of 1/3 or 50% is required (depending on the date of reservation and / or date of stay), for all reservations. It is kept in case of cancellation during the high season: July & August and from February to Easter. it is refundable, subject to conditions, over the other periods.
They are also indicated, according to the date selected on each model bookable online (visible to any Internet user), and are then validated in the event of a booking decision.

Any stay started is due”  , in accordance with the reservation made and confirmed.

For a stay cut short at the time of arrival or in the event of early departure from the hotel (not previously agreed upon before the start of the stay), we will invoice at the price indicated on your booking confirmation, the remaining nights.

We are an independent hotel. Each last minute cancellation or early departure causes us a certain prejudice, because we are located in a village, outside the traffic of the road. The changeover is extremely random and cannot constitute a stay of several nights, especially since in this case prior online reservations, even for 1 night, have become the rule.

La Grave is a well-known destination that attracts customers who book before their departure. If we refuse many stay requests several weeks before your arrival, there is little chance that a last minute request can replace it on exactly the same dates. It is therefore very difficult, if not impossible, to re-let rooms at the last moment.
However, if we are obliged to have fairly strict cancellation conditions in writing, we are, depending on the case and the period, able to adapt the position that will be retained.

Do not forget also, that if you have paid for your stay by credit card, you usually have a ”  Cancellation Insurance ” with your credit card. If your cancellation or early departure is motivated by one of the reasons validly retained by an insurance company, you can then apply for this Insurance (you have already paid for it to your bank by the annual contribution of your card).

We prefer the bank card . In this way, we are able to confirm your reservation on the spot and by email within the hour (or automatically online). After a phone call, a link for secure payment on an HTTPS site is sent to you by email and we are immediately informed of your payment order to follow. (This is also the case for an online reservation from our site).

A check to be received by post within 72 hours minimum, does not guarantee the blocking of the room in high season if availability is reduced. We are therefore likely to refuse this method of payment, for a stay in very high season or a reservation close to the date of arrival.

A transfer is also possible with our Rib to send to you, on request or by check with our agreement depending on the period for the aforementioned reason.

CASH: In the event of payment on site of the entire stay in cash, a ”  pre-authorization  “, which does not debit your account but blocks the amount entered, is possible via an Adhoc form that you return to us and which authorizes us to guarantee the stay with your bank card. This “pre-authorization” is our guarantee and may, in application and respect of the conditions of sale, become an effective and final collection.

Holiday vouchers :  the institution accepting their “paper management” has caused losses of coupons mailed and treatment thereby becoming expensive. The recent dematerialization would make us bear costs triple to a payment by bank card. We refuse to add these to our prices. 

The balance of the base of the booked stay and the tourist tax are to be paid on arrival. The deposit already paid when booking is deducted from the total remaining due.
Indeed, without a restaurant, the base agreed upon when you make your reservation is known in advance and without surprises. We do this because 95% of payments are made by card, with generally for the cardholder, a debit at the end of the month.

This is mainly because of the policy of banks which take their customers by surprise: The outstanding debit card is certainly monthly but with a lower weekly ceiling. It is therefore sometimes insufficient when paying for the stay during holidays, without the possibility of returning on the day even if the bank branch is closed. A ceiling exemption, made beforehand, is often temporary and inoperative a few months later.

Faced more and more regularly with card circumstances that do not “pass” = refusal of payment, our customers have the possibility of making their arrangements (on site by transfer or at their bank branch upon arrival – or the following day). This, without feeling stuck if it was the day of departure.

A question ?

Our team is at your entire disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Current info

Winter : 2022 / 2023

Panoramic Village will remain closed this winter
Open again in Spring, from march 24 th
Only for Renting formula

SOON : Booking engine will be on for spring & summer

Thank you for understanding